Monday, 23 January 2012


I love buying notebooks and sketchbooks. A stationery shop can burn a bigger hole in my pocket than any shoe/apparel store any given day. I happened to come across some lovely notepads online and gosh, I had to literally stop myself from ordering all of them. These are the times I wish I was still working and a few hundred bucks wouldn't make a difference.

Cute ha !
I love the illustration on this's very similar to the stuff I do!
Perfect for a typography nerd :)
How about this fancy journal?

All these were found on Shopo, so if you wanna buy any you know where to find them. They have a huge range of notebooks to choose from, and tons of other stuff as well. Enjoy!

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Shruti said...

I am totally a sucker for beautiful stationary..Unfortunately, I haven't written in a journal in a million years! It's still nice to dream about pretty journals though...I can spend hours in just that section of the bookstore!