Friday, 28 March 2014

My workspace

As a designer I constantly need inspiration and motivation. Apart from browsing lovely websites I also keep my workspace decorated with bright, cheery things to keep me going. I recently added colorful bunting and I love it :) My pin board has postcards that I receive via Postcrossing, my art work, gifts from friends and other pretty things. Just once in a while (in a blue moon), I need to de-clutter and tidy it up.

Here it is:

This of course is just after a recent tidy-up session. I love to sit at my desk (my mini-studio) all day n night long, scribbling and doodling away in my sketchbook.

This post is also part of this lovely art adventure I've become a part of. Read more about it here -
A Sunny Yellow Window

Thursday, 27 March 2014

February Doodle-a-Day

So I joined this doodle-a-day on Instagram. It was great fun. I was doodling in the middle of a wedding to meet the deadline !! I pushed myself to doodle every single day and it was a whole lot of fun. You must follow @ellolovely on Instagram. She started this and it is on every month. 

You can check my Instagram feed for all my doodles. Click the link on the right !
Here are some of my favorites from February:

March is looking even better :) Wait for updates !

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Wise words

Read this on a blog. Makes so much sense.

Surround yourself with things you love

..and see life's magic unfold :)

I have been feeling extra creative these days. I cleaned up my desk, dug out old stationery and art supplies and I feel all set for the coming weeks :) 
NEXT: I'm planning to make a vision board for the year !

Friday, 7 March 2014

Think Like a Tree

So I finally finished my illustration series, of the poem - Think Like a Tree by Karen Shragg. It is surely one of my favorite poems, so simple yet so well written.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tea time

Recently i've been having tea almost every day thanks to the fella ! 
Also, I've learnt the art of making decently good tea, which I never thought could happen ! 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

February: the month that was

2014 sure seems to be flying by. Can't believe it's already March. A quick recap then:

Terribly ashamed to say that I did not complete even a single book. I started two books but didn't read enough. This only means that I have to be tough on myself this March.

Gunday (1/5) The 1 is only for the song: tune mari entriyaan, ke dil me baji ghatiyaan tang tang tang tang..I really didn't understand the purpose of this movie. Overacting and no story line.
Hasee to Phasee (2.5/5) This was a strange movie. It has its moments but overall left me bored.
Hotel Rwanda (3.5/5) Horrifying and a true story for that matter, so even more so.
Instructions not included (3/5) a sweet little movie, light hearted and fun.
Don Jon (3/5) The story of a porn-addict, quite hilarious.
Thanks for sharing (3.5/5) Again, stories of recovering sex-addicts, nicely done.
Orphan (2.5/5) Ok, creepy as hell.
Shahid (4/5) Really well made movie and super acting !

February did not take us to new places but we revisited some. I had to travel to Hyderabad for a wedding and it was super fun. We also went home for a couple of days. March may have more in store.

I participated in #doodleadayfeb on Instagram and totally loved it. Doodling everyday without fail was blissful and really made me creative and active. I am illustrated a favorite poem of mine called Think Like a Tree by Karen Shragg. You can follow me on Instagram - @chicabeingme

A few pictures that summed up my birthday month :)