Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pages from my sketch book

So I love my sketchbook. I picked it up at the Bangkok airport with the lest few baht I had. It has a pretty cover (will post that some other day) and reasonably thick paper inside. It's almost full. These are some of the pages:

 Whenever I find a nice quote, I write it down in my sketch book and then doodle around it.

This was made at a stay-over at my ex-roomie's place. I cooked chicken (it was delicious) and we mocked the latest episode of Roadies.

Another fabulous quote :)

 I also happen to love intricate patterns. Spent hours doing this one.

 Yes, I do have a foot fetish. I can sketch feet anytime of the day. 

This last one was made at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore. I was there over a weekend to volunteer for a theatre production. I helped with ticketing, ushering etc. It was great fun. I met a lot of like-minded people, was introduced to a new band - Parwaaz (lovely music) and did some networking too. It was a nice new experience. 

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