Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Photography Workshop

So after I got my baby home, I was really looking forward to this photography workshop 
that I had signed up for. I had a good teacher. He was funny and fun. 
And I now know sooo much about my camera (in a week) than I'd have known in a month. 
We had different assignments, one of which was - Street Fashion. I was so inspired by The Sartorialist, and so excited. Well, I also learnt that it is extremely difficult to shoot people while they are walking, moving etc. This is one of my fav images from the shoot. 

I love the bag, the contrasting colors and the way the photo came out. 
This is also one of the few photos that wasn't blurred.

The workshop was great fun. We went to Pottery Town, Dhobi Ghat and MG Road to shoot. 
I was rather sad that it was only for a week.

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