Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 in review

Every blog I read is doing this so why should I be left behind. Let me warn you, this is gonna be one of those typical end-of-the-year posts, which talk about the highlights of the year gone by and resolutions/hopes/dreams/wishes for the year to come. So do not expect anything more. Okay, let's start already.

1. I graduated !!!!! Oh yes I did. Sure this was the second time, but this time in a field I actually love and pride myself on doing so. Imagine, a Professional Diploma in Visual Communication Design. Wow. Even I never thought that after 8 long years of being in the legal profession, I would actually jump ship and do what I always really wanted to. I won't say that the two years at design school were absolutely blissful and a smooth sail. There were times when I questioned the entire decision, often wondering if I should have chosen another field, another school etc. But the day I finished my final year project and received kudos from a professor I really admired, I knew it had all been worth it. The self-doubt was gone. For good. 

2. I actually designed and illustrated an entire book. All 120 pages of it. After all the cursing, fretting and sleepless nights, it was done. And it might actually be published by a reputed publishing house like Penguin or Random House. Who had ever thought that I'd have a book out before I was 30. I know it technically does not count as a book-book but who ever cared about technicalities. It is a huge achievement and I will gloat. Thank you very much. Go check it out here -

3. Got engaged. OMG. Ya it was just a formality of sorts for the families, but it was quite fun. Dressing up, convincing the better half to pose for photographs, decorating the house myself, incessant banter of family et al. A memorable day to remember. One of the many we have seen the past 8 years.  

4. I learnt to let go. And that's all that will be said about that.

5. I started appreciating little things about people around me a little more. Judging less, accepting and valuing them more.  

6. A very memorable trip to the mountains. A first for me, and I did fall in love. I was always a sun-sand-cocktails person till I arrived in Mcleodganj. Sigh. A week seemed way too short. I just loved the mountain air, the sights, the people, everything. Thoughts seemed clearer up there. Also was the first time I slept in a tent and woke up to snow-caped mountains. It was incredible. Can't wait to plan the next trip. 

I think that about covers it all. The year that was. It seems to have gone by in a wink. 

2014 seems full of promise. Many things to be accomplished, many new places on the travel list, new experiences and what not. 
- I will read more. A small target of 12 books, 1 per month, to start with. I hope to over achieve. 
- I will paint more. Just one painting the past year, shameful.
- I also plan to be way more active, a regular fitness plan must be high priority as i can already feel my bones creaking. 
- I will de-clutter. My home and my mind.
- I will complete a DIY project every month. All those bookmarked, pinned and saved projects that I avoided with "I have a diploma project to complete" will be ticked off the to-do list.

This list is surely going to increase as the year proceeds. And I hope at the end of it all, I can see the above being crossed out with a smile. To 2014 !!

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