Friday, 28 March 2014

My workspace

As a designer I constantly need inspiration and motivation. Apart from browsing lovely websites I also keep my workspace decorated with bright, cheery things to keep me going. I recently added colorful bunting and I love it :) My pin board has postcards that I receive via Postcrossing, my art work, gifts from friends and other pretty things. Just once in a while (in a blue moon), I need to de-clutter and tidy it up.

Here it is:

This of course is just after a recent tidy-up session. I love to sit at my desk (my mini-studio) all day n night long, scribbling and doodling away in my sketchbook.

This post is also part of this lovely art adventure I've become a part of. Read more about it here -
A Sunny Yellow Window

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Ambika @asunnyellowindow said...

LOVELY :) A moodboard, a pinboard, art supplies, family pic, artwork displayed... add a plant and its my kinda space too! Love the breezy fresh illustration.

Thanks for linking up Shikha! See you around.