Friday, 29 August 2014

10 books

This thing has been going around the inter-webs for the last week or two. I thought I'd do a little post here. It required you to list down 10 books that have impacted you, left you spellbound or had some kind of profound effect on you. Here is my list:

1. The God of Small Things - I think this is the first book that comes to mind when someone asks for my favorite book. I love the way this book is written and the tiny details it lists down. Here are a few of my fav excerpts from the book:
"It is curious how sometimes the memory of death lives on for so much longer than the memory of the life that it purloined."
"Somethings come with their own punishments. Like bedrooms with built-in cupboards."
"She drifted into marriage like a passenger drifts towards an unoccupied chair in an airport lounge."

2. Outliers - This was my first non-fiction read. I never could believe that I would like it so much. Everything Gladwell writes about makes so much sense. It was an eye-opener for me and also made me want to read more non-fiction

3. The Kite Runner - This was the first book that made me cry. Enough said.

4. The Alchemy of Desire - I almost forgot about this one. This book was really wonderful and after reading this I wanted to run away to a little mountain village and live in a cottage in the hills.

5. Unaccustomed Earth - I love Lahiri's writing style. So simple and yet beautiful. The truth be told, I am very fond of Indian fiction. Mostly because I can relate to it on some level or the other. This book is a collection of short stories, about love and life. It was a gift from the fella, the best kind of gift.

6. Middlesex - My boss gave me this book and  I have to say, she has impeccable choice. This is certainly an impressive book. It is about the life of a hermaphrodite, and it is least of what you expect it to be. There was a Greek/Latin phrase in the book, that I was planning to get inked, before I changed me mind - "Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus" - "We hope for better things; it will rise from the ashes."

7. Daddy Long Legs - This was one of my favorite books growing up. Maybe I will re-read it soon !

Well this is supposed to be a list of 10, but I can't think of any other books. It only makes me realize how many good books I have lying around that I need to finish. Do you have a list? Would you like to recommend a book that you love? 

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