Wednesday, 11 November 2015

My First Stall

So last weekend I put up my very first stall at Kitsch Mandi in Bangalore. I'd been mulling over the thought for a while and had also done a small 'live-painting' stint at the previous event (which was the major deciding factor) so I thought I'd better do this.

A few weeks of planning and lots of visits to the printer ensued. There were moments of panic (where I thought no one would buy my products) and moments of extreme joy (when I had the printed stuff in my hands) ! Slowly the D-day arrived and I had these butterflies in my tummy the night before, wondering what exactly would happen. Also, the weather was a terror. After 3 days of sunshine, I wake up on the morning of the event to see dark clouds looming overhead. I just kept hoping and praying that it wouldn't rain. Thankfully someone up there was listening.

The event was quite a success. After a lot of apprehension, the first customer came along and then another and another. Business was slightly slow but quite steady. It was great to see people appreciate my work and at the end of the day I was quite tired but very happy :)

This is a link to view all the images from the event: Sunny Skies Starry Eyes

Here are some of the products that were on sale and if you happen to want to buy any, just leave a message.

A6 Diaries with blank, ruled or colourful neon pages to choose from


Fridge magnets 

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