Friday, 25 May 2012

Mini vacation

Actually, Micro-mini would be more appropriate as it was shorter than 24 hours... actually not even 12 hours. 
We'll we drove out of Bombay at 11 pm on Friday evening and headed to Kashid, our fav beach destination. We lost our way, drove in circles, took about 20 u-turns and finally reached our destination at 3 am. 

Slept on the beach, slept when it was dark with a million stars in the clear sky... and awoke to was beautiful. 

Got up, played football...yes actually played..haha...but it was super fun. 

(ya thats me, .making a big fool of myself)

Ate breakfast in a tiny shack..pohe and anda bhurji. 
It was perfect. A perfect micro-mini vacation.

And here is the mandatory "my feet were on a beach" picture !

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