Wednesday, 2 April 2014

March: the month that was

The third month of the year is over. Phew. I can't wait for summer to be over. It has become quite unbearable in Bangalore, especially because we live on the top floor and the sun does not spare us at all. Need to come up with some solution for the heat soon ! 

March has been an important month for us because we support the cause of Tibet and 10th March is the day that marks the anniversary of their freedom struggle. It was been 56 years. This year, I walked 32 kms from Hunsur (a Tibetan settlement in Karnataka, close to Mysore) to Bylakuppe (another settlement) The entire walk was on 44 kms but sadly I could not complete it. What was more overwhelming than walking 32 kms, was the fact that there were 65-70 yr old Tibetan men and women who completed the entire walk, taking fewer breaks than us yound blood. It was quite shameful at times, looking at them walk undeterred, in sandals and chappals, when we struggled to walk in our walking shoes. It was a support march to show our solidarity with their cause and next year we hope to do something bigger, to make more people aware about what exactly is happening in Tibet and the atrocities meted out by the Chinese government for the last 56 years. 
Read more about their cause and educate yourself on this FB page: For the Cause of Tibet

Damn. I didn't finish the book I was reading. Just about 40 pages left but I can't put it here. The only book I finished reading was this lovely illustrated book on Vincent Van Gogh, one of my ever fav painters. 

Non-Stop - This movie began the movie-marathon weekend. It was super fun, great suspense and an unpredictable ending. We were thrilled after watching it. (4/5)
Escape Plan - Finally saw this movie after missing it in the theatre. Pretty good, also because I am a sucker for 'prison-break' stories ! (3/5)
Highway - I expected way too much from this one. By the time we went to see it, everyone was raving about it. I thought the story was below average. It just didn't fit together. Alia acted really well but that's about it. The music was lovely and of course the travel was wow. (2.5/5) 
The Big Wedding - A silly story of complex families. Light watch. (3/5)
Prisoners - Oh man. I regret not watching this in the hall. It was one of the best mystery movies I've seen in a very long time. Brilliant acting and super plot. Must-watch. (4.5/5)
Queen - One of the most fun Bollywood movies of recent times. The story was funny, acting great and the little elements of the movie that the director paid great attention to, made it really special. I laughed, and laughed so much. Oh and I love the Hungama song. LOVE. (4.5/5)
Lakshmi - a movie about child trafficking. Horribly directed, didn't expect that from a director like Kuknoor but there were way too many loop holes and glitches in the story. I was in a bit of a depression after watching this. We really live in a strange, cruel world. 

Hunsur - Apart from the support march, we attended our first Tibetan wedding. it was so much fun. According to their traditions, the entire village helps in the wedding, right from cooking food, to setting up everything. After the wedding and lunch, people sit around drinking and playing cards. In the evening there is music and dance followed by diner. It was a lovely sight. 

 My first night sky photo. It was quite cloudy, but I was so happy :)

This was our first road trip after the fella bought his Bullet. Man, it was a memorable trip. We started late (damn early morning plans) and encountered the harsh sun on our way to Chennai. If only we had started 3 hours earlier. The ride from Bangalore to Chennai is quite dry. There is pretty much no scenic views, except for the hills made of huge boulders. Hardly any shade to stop, and absolutely no decent places to stop for refreshments. We couldn't wait to reach Chennai. Thankfully my back did not give way. 
Surprisingly, Chennai was not as hot as we expected and we were glad we made the decision to go there for the weekend. We sat by the beach and enjoyed the cool breeze from the Bay of Bengal. We ate some really delicious Chettinad food throughout the trip. The last day, we drove to Mahabalipuram. It was fun, bit slightly crowded. We started our return trip at 4 am and that was one good decision. The journey back was totally opposite of the onward journey. We quite enjoyed the sunrise and breakfast on the roadside. 

 Boats galore !

 Sunset in Mahabalipuram

 Noone can beat coffee from South India

Early morning ride back home

March was a special month. Looking forward to April now :)

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