Thursday, 3 April 2014

Arty March

I think I went crazy doodling in March. It was like this burst of creative energy and I think some days I did even 5-6 doodles. It was super fun. I bought a set of watercolours to try and I love them. 
Here are March's doodles:

You can view all the doodles/illustrations on my Instagram feed (link in the right bar)

I also started a mini-series of "What I Wore"

It was quite fun. Maybe I'll continue it in April, maybe I'll move on :)

And then one fine day, I got super bored of looking at my dull soap dispenser and decided to give it a whole new look - blue and white.
Like I said, March was great fun !

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Ambika @asunnyellowindow said...

Your March was fun... The doodles made me smile all the way through. Especially banana shake :))