Monday, 5 November 2012

Road Tripping - 2

After a 3 hour drive, which somehow seemed like 5, most of which I slept through, we reached Bordeaux. It was around 7 pm but it felt like it was 10. We were staying in the southern part of the city and it was quite deserted. We quickly checked in, dumped our bags and headed to the city to find some food. A long, long walk took us across the river and we found a little pizzeria. Dinner was gobbled down and a long walk back took us to our beds. We decided to make an early departure the next day as we just had 24 hours to explore the entire city and its attractions. 

It was rainy and sunny, weird weather, but not so cold. We reached the tourist center and picked up maps and brochures and figured out what to do. We then walked down Rue Saint Catherine, the most famous shopping street in Bordeaux. It started with fancy brands and labels and then continued to tiny boutiques and cheaper stores. The street was full of tourists like us. 

After a short lunch break, we came across a huge fair. There were crazy rides and a huge ferris wheel. Made for a pretty picture next to the historical structures. Then, we headed to the Jardin de Public. We weren't so lucky as they were shutting all the gardens in the city due to strong winds. We found it silly until a pretty huge branch fell, just missing my friend's head. So I snapped a few pics and then we headed out.

A few museums, bakeries and chocolateries later, we ended up in a wine shop, buying Bordeaux wines. Spotted one bottle for 7020 Euros. Gosh, really now. After all our wine shopping, we looked all around for a nice yet inexpensive French restaurant. We finally found one that even had live music. This handsome old man was singing and playing the piano. It was perfect. We enjoyed our last meal in great ambiance. 

Bordeaux was really like Paris without the people. And the traffic. And the attractions. Haha. It was a charming little city, which can be seen over a weekend really. It was a good trip. We drove back through the countryside, enjoying the view. It rained most of the time we were on the road and we had some brilliant skies thanks to the setting sun. And soon we were back home in Nantes. 

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